you gotta start somewhere / by Unkitschig


One thing we figured out very clearly after the first few times of capturing couples as a team of two was, that we have to learn, how to make a couple feel as comfortable as possible to reach the desired naturality of the portraits.  And we also noticed, how hard it is to be there but also pretend not to be. Most couples have never been in front of a camera and kissing/cuddling with a camera pointed towards you feels a little weird at the beginning. Even more when there are two of them at once.

Besides meeting the people we are going to portray before hand (to get to know each other a little), it is still a challenge to find the best way of communication in an intimate moment during a couple session. The only logical conclusion we drew from that was, to put ourselves into the exact same situation and find out, what it feels like.

In August our lovely friend Aimilia Theofilopulos form Bielefeld, Germany visited us in Vienna. This talented girl happens to be a photographer as well, who is also just about to start to get into couple and wedding photography. She offered to take some photos of us, and asked for some feedback in return. Supporting each other in this 'business' is one of our main principles, so we were happy to dive into that experience. 

So here are some of the photos Aimilia took, and we are so happy about the outcome. 

Not only did we learn about how it feels like, to be in front of a camera as a couple and how you "would like to be treated" in that situation, but also what an absolutely special and overwhelming experience it is to create and capture such intimate and close moments together with the person you love, to have them safely stored forever.